About Us

About Us

About Us

Online Virtuoso is a subscription service providing a wide-ranging library of resources and tips from Australia’s finest classically trained musicians and educators. Our library consists of videos, PDFs and midi file accompaniments to help instrumentalists with advice on technique, repertoire, practising strategies, tips on performing, and so much more. 


The platform is designed to make the best instrumental teachers available 24/7 to every student, to make it their essential companion in practise.


The mission of Online Virtuoso is to provide a platform to share an incredible wealth of knowledge from the best teachers and instrumentalists to students or enthusiasts of all levels, regardless of geographical or financial boundaries. 


We have launched clarinet, saxophone, oboe and flute, and over the coming months subscribers will see the inclusion of other woodwind instruments, brass, percussion, strings, piano and voice. Online Virtuoso is committed to expanding the platform and will continue to upload new and relevant content regularly for subscribers.



Paul Champion

Co-founder + CEO



Jonathan Woods

Co-founder + COO

Matthew Ockenden


Frank Celata


Aaron Klein

Videographer + Graphic/Web Designer