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Read our frequently asked questions. If you still don’t have all information you need, please contact us.

Online Virtuoso is a subscription service providing a wide-ranging library of resources and tips from Australia’s finest classically trained musicians and educators.

Our library consists of videos, PDFs and midi file accompaniments to help instrumentalists with advice on technique, repertoire, practising strategies, tips on performing, and so much more.

We have launched woodwind, brass and percussion but the other instruments are coming soon!

We have launched flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone and bassoon content, and over the coming months we will launch brass, strings, piano, guitar, harp and voice.

Online virtuoso is for instrumental music students and teachers, or any interested parent of a student.

Click on one of the pink "Subscribe" buttons or go to the Pricing Page and follow the instructions.

As a beginner, it is so important to avoid bad habits. We are assembling videos that will aim specifically at avoiding these issues. For students just starting out, this site is definitely for you.

Absolutely! There will be videos on everything from concertos to winning job auditions. These will be made by players who themselves work in and with the finest orchestras

We will be constantly expanding our library of the best resources for instrumentalists. Every month there will be new resources on all facets of playing. Have a good idea for a video? Let us know!

According to Wikipedia: A Virtuoso is a person highly skilled in music or another artistic pursuit. eg "a celebrated clarinet virtuoso"

Parents are encouraged to watch selected videos pertinent to your child, as they will help you to be able to help them

In short, yes. We have videos that tackle the most obvious pitfalls on the individual instruments. Our aim is not just to have one person’s view on a topic, but many. And this will come as we expand our library

As a subscriber you have access to all our amazing Virtuosi - not just one. You get multiple opinions on technical aspects and the chance to learn something from each Virtuoso

Yes! As a subscriber you will have exclusive access to our Online Virtuoso Live events

We are launching with over 100 Virtuosi, and will be adding more incredible teachers as we expand

We have some incredible videos to enable you to master your instrument, but that isn't it all we have to offer. From technical exercises, fingering charts and audition excerpt lists to piano accompaniments, we have everything to help you master your instrument!

We believe that videos are the best way to communicate both spoken information and visual examples. They are descriptive and concise. Not only this, they can be viewed over and over again, as well they should. Each one has been designed for you to conquer its own important challenge. Think of each as a lesson with the best the art form has to offer.

Yes you can cancel at anytime! Once you are logged in click top right on "My Subscription" and follow the instructions for how to cancel

Not yet - but soon! You will be able to have a live video lesson with the amazing Virtuosi we have on offer.

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